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Insurance accepted

We accept most insurance plans EXCEPT we do not accept AHCCCS (Arizona Medicaid) and worker’s compensation. Some of the plans we accept include: Medicare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Healthnet, Humana. If your insurance is not listed, call your insurance company using the phone number on your card to determine if they will cover Dr. Barnwell on your plan.

Scheduling a new patient visit

Dr. Barnwell is extremely thorough. This is one key to her success in diagnosing complicated problems. Please complete all the following forms before scheduling your first appointment. She will review the information, request any pertinent doctors’ records or tests and be better prepared to evaluate your problem during your first visit.

We recommend you complete the following new patient forms online. You will not need to deliver the forms as you can upload them directly to us and our software will transfer the data into our databases automatically.

  1. If you are experiencing pain click here: Pain Diagram
  2. Patient Profile
  3. Intake Questionnaire

If you prefer, you can print out the forms, complete them by hand, then mail, fax or hand carry them to our office.
Click here to print out the forms.

Please note: Dr. Barnwell requires that you complete the new patient forms before making your appointment.

After completing the appropriate forms, schedule a two hour appointment. The appointment should be at least a week after you submit the new patient forms to give us the time to get records from other providers and review them. During that first appointment, Dr. Jane will conduct an extensive evaluation of your problem and discuss her findings and recommendations with you.

Click here to schedule your 2 hour appointment after completing the forms above.

Recommended dress for all visits

So that you don’t have to wear one of those horrible backless gowns, please wear loose fitting clothes that will allow Dr. Jane to see and examine the problem areas. Loose fitting shorts are ideal. Sweatpants are fine if they are loose enough to allow access to the painful areas. Sleeveless tee shirts or tops are best. Short sleeve shirts are okay. If you are uncomfortable wearing these in public, you can bring them with you and change privately at our office.


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